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  1. Michael Aschbacher 「Finite groups disconnected at the prime 2」
  2. Eiichi Bannai 「Codes over finite rings and finite abelian groups(a survey)」
  3. Naoki Chigira , Nobuo Iiyori and Hiroyoshi Yamaki 「Prime graphs」
  4. Brian Curtin and Kazumasa Nomura 「Some formula for spin models on distance-regular graphs」
  5. Waller Feit 「Orders of finite linear groups」
  6. Paul Fravell 「Solubility criteria for finite groups」
  7. Masaaki Harada 「New 5-designs constructed from the lifted Golay code over Z4
  8. Don G. Higman  「Some highly symmetric chamber systems」
  9. Akira Hiraki and Jack Koolen 「An improvement of the Ivanov bound」
  10. Mitsugu Hirasaka 「On association schemes with a nonsymmetric relation of valency 4」
  11. Alexander Ivanov and Sergey Shpectorov 「A new cover of the 3-local geometry of Co1
  12. Hiroshi Kimura 「Construction of Hadamard matrices using diliedral groups」
  13. Masaaki Kitazume 「Binary code VOA and finite automorphism groups」
  14. Takeshi Kondo 「Some examples of unramified extensions over quadratic fields」
  15. Jack Koolen 「On a conjecture of Bannai and Ito」
  16. Shigeo Koshitani 「Morita equivalent blocks of finite groups」
  17. John Mckay 「The essentials of Monstrous Mooshine」
  18. Masashiko Miyamoto 「The finite group theory on vertex operator algebras」
  19. Akihiro Munemasa 「Primitive trinomials and orthogonal arrays over GF(2)」
  20. Michio Ozeki 「On the covering radius problem for tenary self-dual codes」
  21. Hiroki Sasaki 「The mod 2 cohomology algebras of finite groups with wreathed Sylow 2-subgroups」
  22. Mitsuhito Sawano 「The classification of four-weight spin models with size five」
  23. Toshiaki Shoji 「Representations of finite Chevalley groups」
  24. Ronald Solomon 「The semisimple approach to the classification of the finite simple groups」
  25. Dernd Stellmacher 「J-components in finite groups」
  26. Gernot Stroth 「Small modules」
  27. Hiroshi Suzuki 「A problem of distance-regular graphs and related topics(a survey)」
  28. Michio Suzuki 「On the prime graph of a finite simple group, an application of the method of Feit-Thompson-Bender-Glauberman」
  29. Yasuo Teranishi 「Laplacian spectrum, tree numbers and completely regular codes of graphs」
  30. Franz Timmesfeld 「Subgroups of Lie-type groups, spherical Tits chabersystems and presentations of Chevalley-groups」
  31. Masato Tomiyama 「Group association scheme of PSL(2,7)」
  32. Katsuhiko Uno 「Vertex of non-periodic modules in the Auslander-Reiten quiver of finite groups」
  33. Yoko Usami 「Principal blocks with extra-special defect groups of order 27」
  34. Atsumi Watanabe 「Perfect isometries and the Glauberman correspondence」
  35. Hiromichi Yamada 「Ternary codes and vertex operator algebras」
  36. Norio Yamazaki 「On the characterization of certain Cayley graphs」
  37. Satoshi Yoshiara 「Exponential formulas for finite groups and locally finite toposes」
  38. Paul-Hermann Zieschang 「Tit's classification of the building of spherical type in the light of the theory of association schemes」